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February 2014

Gluten-Free Kitchen Essential: Sharpies

Thumbnail image for Gluten-Free Kitchen Essential: Sharpies February 27, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

A gluten-free kitchen essential that is such a seemingly insignificant product, but ideal for easy and inexpensive tagging of kitchen items is the Sharpie pen. For a family who must have two tubs of butter, separate peanut butter containers, as well as many other segregated items, a Sharpie is the perfect solution to have on […]

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Food Wine and Co: Beware of Men Wielding Bread

Thumbnail image for Food Wine and Co: Beware of Men Wielding Bread February 26, 2014 Restaurants

If a restaurant has an extensive wine list with hard-to-find wines and varietals not typically found on standard restaurant lists, I can forgive many culinary and service sins. Not that a restaurant will receive a rave review, but it would be likely I would return for the wine and a few dishes I found to […]

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CityZen: Exceeds Gluten-Free Expectations

Thumbnail image for CityZen: Exceeds Gluten-Free Expectations February 25, 2014 Restaurants

When making a reservation at an acclaimed restaurant, one doesn’t typically hope for a good dining experience. But for a gluten-free diner, wishful thinking is the norm. CityZen restaurant did not disappoint, but rather exceeded my expectations for gluten-free dining out. Located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, CityZen’s modern decor doesn’t deter from a feeling […]

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Middleton Inn: A Wonderful Getaway

Thumbnail image for Middleton Inn: A Wonderful Getaway February 21, 2014 Travel

Middleton Inn is a wonderful getaway in Washington, Virginia. I found the inn to be even more special because of the level of gluten-free accommodations made. Typically a B&B or Inn, with breakfast highlighted as part of the experience, is not the best option for gluten-free travelers. I find I am often accosted in the […]

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The Best Kept Gluten-Free Secret

Thumbnail image for The Best Kept Gluten-Free Secret February 6, 2014 Products

The best kept gluten-free secret is this: one of the top sausage companies on the market exclusively makes gluten-free dogs. I know you likely don’t believe me, but I have proof. Beautiful pictures, descriptions of the varieties made, and even a store locator link so you can personally taste these delicious dogs. I actually discovered […]

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Gluten-Free Restaurant Tips: Be Prepared

Thumbnail image for Gluten-Free Restaurant Tips: Be Prepared February 4, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

The best restaurants can accommodate all gluten-free needs, but they are often the most expensive. Gluten-free restaurant tips, therefore, help with everyday dining needs. There are lots of ideas on how to best be accommodated when eating out. Today’s tip is a simple one that continues to make a big impact on my dining experiences. […]

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