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gluten free trend

This week’s community question is a hot topic for the gluten-free community. The gluten free trend has become popular because of high-profile celebrities claiming weight loss by going gluten-free as well as popular gluten-free diets for weight loss. The ire of the gluten-free community regarding the trendiness of something that is medically necessary for many is palpable, but I don’t believe everyone in the community feels the same way.

So I ask:

Is the gluten free trend hurting or helping us?

From keeping abreast of comments and posts throughout social media and on gluten-free focused websites, I believe I am in the minority regarding my feelings on the topic of the gluten free trend. While I am not enthusiastically embracing the idea something serious and medically necessary for so many has a level of trendiness to it now, I am happy for the additional exposure for gluten-free living for one simple reason: gluten-free foods and dining options will continue to expand as the demand increases.

I remember not too long ago my bread options resembled a hockey puck more than a slice of bread. It was just recently gluten-free pasta became an option in some Italian restaurants. And I will never lose my enthusiasm at the grocery store as I discover some new product I have gone without for a long time now being made gluten-free. These examples and many more are why I hope the trend of gluten-free living will continue.

Yes, it’s tiring listening to vapid starlets claim they have lost ten pounds in 30 days because of a gluten-free diet while encouraging everyone to try the latest diet. But that is a small sacrifice for me, with a huge gain in eating great food again.

What do you think about the gluten free trend?

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