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kelly sajonia dillon gluten freeReading Washingtonian magazine’s annual “100 Very Best Restaurants” article is one of my favorite activities. Curled up on the sofa by the fire with a mug of something warm, I savor each review. I gleefully check off restaurants I have frequented and make short lists of those I will visit in the coming months. For a foodie, it’s an experience I look forward to each year.

After finishing the article a few years ago, I wondered how many of these highly-rated restaurants would receive the same review from someone like me–someone who can’t have gluten. I certainly wouldn’t rave over the bread basket as some critics do and, unlike Washingtonian’s food writers, I would be testing servers on their knowledge of ingredients and food preparation related to gluten.

For those of us with Celiac disease, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS), or wheat allergies, it’s not easy to eat out safely and enjoy a good meal. And for foodies who want to visit restaurants rated as the best, wouldn’t it be great to know what to expect before you spend what will likely be a lot of money for a special night out?

As a mom of five, wife, writer, owner of a digital media agency, and photographer, I am always busy. As a result, this gluten-free project went on the “some day” list. What gave me the resolve to make this site become a reality came after dining at a restaurant on the “100 Very Best Restaurants” list in 2013. The server started asking questions about certain ingredients, trying to understand what I could and could not eat. As I replied with “no” to several gluten-related ingredients, the server started laughing and said, “Man, it must really suck being you!”

Following the insensitive comment, he then tried to convince me Aborio rice has gluten.¬†Knowing my husband was going to be spending a few hundred dollars on our “nice” dinner out, I realized Gluten-Free Foodies Review was a resource everyone with gluten-related sensitivities needed; it was time to build this site.

Here you will find reviews of restaurants, products, GF-focused websites, and travel. Additionally, articles with tips for living a gluten-free life are published. Our goal is to enrich the lives of those who are gluten-free. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please contact us. We would love the feedback so that we can continue to make the gluten-free community here even better.

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