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Woodberry Kitchen: Gluten-Free Perfection

Thumbnail image for Woodberry Kitchen: Gluten-Free Perfection March 8, 2014 Restaurants

Do you know what happens when an old mill is repurposed, plaid shirts are doled out by the dozens, and a commitment to the farm-to-table movement is upheld? I do: culinary magic happens. And, thankfully for Washingtonians, it happens daily in Baltimore at Woodberry Kitchen. Woodberry Kitchen has a laid back, relaxed vibe to the […]

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Graffiato: A Great Drink and Snack Hangout

Thumbnail image for Graffiato: A Great Drink and Snack Hangout March 3, 2014 Restaurants

Walking into Graffiato, there’s an immediate hip vibe you feel from the industrial design, staff, and guests. It’s interior is dark, but lively. Graffiato is located by Verizon Center, which means it can be difficult to get in on certain big-event nights across the street. Our party of six showed up promptly at 5PM, hoping […]

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Del Posto Gluten-Free Options

Thumbnail image for Del Posto Gluten-Free Options March 2, 2014 Restaurants

Del Posto gluten-free dining options prove, with creative thinking and quality chefs, gluten-free choices don’t have to be limited in an Italian restaurant. With the wide range of gluten-free ingredients available, it is simply an excuse on the part of restaurant owners and chefs to ignore the changing needs of dining patrons today. A wide range […]

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Gluten Dude: A Bulldog with a Soft Side

Thumbnail image for Gluten Dude: A Bulldog with a Soft Side March 1, 2014 Websites

Gluten Dude blog is a must-read site for anyone with Celiac, gluten sensitivity, or individuals trying to gain a better understanding of the life and dietary restrictions of those affected by gluten. Gluten Dude gives you the naked truth about life without gluten–without holding anything back. Gluten Dude is the guy you want standing behind […]

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Food Wine and Co: Beware of Men Wielding Bread

Thumbnail image for Food Wine and Co: Beware of Men Wielding Bread February 26, 2014 Restaurants

If a restaurant has an extensive wine list with hard-to-find wines and varietals not typically found on standard restaurant lists, I can forgive many culinary and service sins. Not that a restaurant will receive a rave review, but it would be likely I would return for the wine and a few dishes I found to […]

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CityZen: Exceeds Gluten-Free Expectations

Thumbnail image for CityZen: Exceeds Gluten-Free Expectations February 25, 2014 Restaurants

When making a reservation at an acclaimed restaurant, one doesn’t typically hope for a good dining experience. But for a gluten-free diner, wishful thinking is the norm. CityZen restaurant did not disappoint, but rather exceeded my expectations for gluten-free dining out. Located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, CityZen’s modern decor doesn’t deter from a feeling […]

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Middleton Inn: A Wonderful Getaway

Thumbnail image for Middleton Inn: A Wonderful Getaway February 21, 2014 Travel

Middleton Inn is a wonderful getaway in Washington, Virginia. I found the inn to be even more special because of the level of gluten-free accommodations made. Typically a B&B or Inn, with breakfast highlighted as part of the experience, is not the best option for gluten-free travelers. I find I am often accosted in the […]

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The Best Kept Gluten-Free Secret

Thumbnail image for The Best Kept Gluten-Free Secret February 6, 2014 Products

The best kept gluten-free secret is this: one of the top sausage companies on the market exclusively makes gluten-free dogs. I know you likely don’t believe me, but I have proof. Beautiful pictures, descriptions of the varieties made, and even a store locator link so you can personally taste these delicious dogs. I actually discovered […]

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La Limeña: A Peruvian Gem in Rockville

Thumbnail image for La Limeña: A Peruvian Gem in Rockville January 27, 2014 Restaurants

One of the gifts for foodies living in the D.C. area is the breadth of ethnic cuisines available. One Peruvian gem is La Limeña in Rockville. Don’t let the location (a strip-mall on Rockville Pike) or general ambiance (crowded seating, loud, lighting) deter you from what will be a delightful evening enjoying popular drinks and dishes […]

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Nava Thai: Gluten-Free Foodies Stay Home

Thumbnail image for Nava Thai: Gluten-Free Foodies Stay Home January 20, 2014 Restaurants

I love pad Thai, which is why I could barely contain my excitement about dinner at Nava Thai. The restaurant is one of two Thai restaurants with the honor of being on Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best List for 2014. To me, this meant I would be enjoying one of the best pad Thai dishes in the […]

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