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gluten free dining

ShopHouse: Fast Casual Gluten Free and Dairy Free Dining

Thumbnail image for ShopHouse: Fast Casual Gluten Free and Dairy Free Dining January 21, 2015 Restaurants

ShopHouse is a flavor-packed, fast-casual dining experience that also happens to be gluten and dairy-free. The restaurant doesn’t offer gluten and dairy-free options, but rather is completely free of these two allergens in their restaurants. ShopHouse is a blend of the cuisines typical in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, and is a new restaurant concept from […]

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Virtuous Living: Spiced Just Right

Thumbnail image for Virtuous Living: Spiced Just Right October 1, 2014 Products

One would think there couldn’t be anything more lovely than a woman who started a company called Virtuous Living. That is, until you learn the names of her products. Faith, Hope, and Love are the three seasoning blends sold by this Maryland-based company. All products are 100% organic, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and non-GMO. Additionally, seasonings […]

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Enjoy Gluten Free Sushi Out

Thumbnail image for Enjoy Gluten Free Sushi Out March 19, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

Something that frustrated me when I began living gluten-free was the lack of options for eating gluten free sushi out. I could order gluten-free rolls, but not dip into a blend of wasabi and soy sauce, which completely changes the experience. I tried it once, actually, and then limited myself to salads when we ate […]

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Zaytinya: A Great Night Out

Thumbnail image for Zaytinya: A Great Night Out March 18, 2014 Restaurants

Zaytinya is located in the Penn Quarter section of DC, and is one of the many successful José Andrés restaurants in the DC Metro area. This Andrés restaurant allows diners to explore the cuisine and wines of Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon with an expansive wine list and menu from this region. Zaytinya is an airy space […]

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Woodberry Kitchen: Gluten-Free Perfection

Thumbnail image for Woodberry Kitchen: Gluten-Free Perfection March 8, 2014 Restaurants

Do you know what happens when an old mill is repurposed, plaid shirts are doled out by the dozens, and a commitment to the farm-to-table movement is upheld? I do: culinary magic happens. And, thankfully for Washingtonians, it happens daily in Baltimore at Woodberry Kitchen. Woodberry Kitchen has a laid back, relaxed vibe to the […]

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Graffiato: A Great Drink and Snack Hangout

Thumbnail image for Graffiato: A Great Drink and Snack Hangout March 3, 2014 Restaurants

Walking into Graffiato, there’s an immediate hip vibe you feel from the industrial design, staff, and guests. It’s interior is dark, but lively. Graffiato is located by Verizon Center, which means it can be difficult to get in on certain big-event nights across the street. Our party of six showed up promptly at 5PM, hoping […]

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Del Posto Gluten-Free Options

Thumbnail image for Del Posto Gluten-Free Options March 2, 2014 Restaurants

Del Posto gluten-free dining options prove, with creative thinking and quality chefs, gluten-free choices don’t have to be limited in an Italian restaurant. With the wide range of gluten-free ingredients available, it is simply an excuse on the part of restaurant owners and chefs to ignore the changing needs of dining patrons today. A wide range […]

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Food Wine and Co: Beware of Men Wielding Bread

Thumbnail image for Food Wine and Co: Beware of Men Wielding Bread February 26, 2014 Restaurants

If a restaurant has an extensive wine list with hard-to-find wines and varietals not typically found on standard restaurant lists, I can forgive many culinary and service sins. Not that a restaurant will receive a rave review, but it would be likely I would return for the wine and a few dishes I found to […]

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CityZen: Exceeds Gluten-Free Expectations

Thumbnail image for CityZen: Exceeds Gluten-Free Expectations February 25, 2014 Restaurants

When making a reservation at an acclaimed restaurant, one doesn’t typically hope for a good dining experience. But for a gluten-free diner, wishful thinking is the norm. CityZen restaurant did not disappoint, but rather exceeded my expectations for gluten-free dining out. Located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, CityZen’s modern decor doesn’t deter from a feeling […]

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Gluten-Free Restaurant Tips: Be Prepared

Thumbnail image for Gluten-Free Restaurant Tips: Be Prepared February 4, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

The best restaurants can accommodate all gluten-free needs, but they are often the most expensive. Gluten-free restaurant tips, therefore, help with everyday dining needs. There are lots of ideas on how to best be accommodated when eating out. Today’s tip is a simple one that continues to make a big impact on my dining experiences. […]

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