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how to gluten free

GFF Magazine: The Gluten-Free Saveur

Thumbnail image for GFF Magazine: The Gluten-Free Saveur November 20, 2014 Products

I can think of no higher honor to bestow upon a culinary magazine than to compare it to Saveur. Yes, there are many wonderful magazines for foodies to enjoy–and I do–but Saveur sits above as a serious foodie magazine. GFF magazine could easily use the description below to explain the concept of their magazine: SAVEUR […]

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Delight Gluten Free Cookbook: Delightfully Surprised

Thumbnail image for Delight Gluten Free Cookbook: Delightfully Surprised September 15, 2014 Products

When I was asked to review Delight Gluten Free Cookbook by their publisher, I reluctantly said yes. I was curious to read the cookbook, but had reservations it would be just another gluten-free cookbook. What I have found is the market flooded with gluten-free cookbooks that never needed to be printed. With the gluten-free ingredients […]

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Enjoy Gluten Free Sushi Out

Thumbnail image for Enjoy Gluten Free Sushi Out March 19, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

Something that frustrated me when I began living gluten-free was the lack of options for eating gluten free sushi out. I could order gluten-free rolls, but not dip into a blend of wasabi and soy sauce, which completely changes the experience. I tried it once, actually, and then limited myself to salads when we ate […]

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The Best Gluten Free Sandwich

Thumbnail image for The Best Gluten Free Sandwich March 13, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

Claiming something the best ever is a big statement, and typically hyperbole. I promise you my statement of the best gluten free sandwich is not. I am also not going to get our gluten-free foodie friends excited, only to share some obscure sandwich shop in a tiny midwestern town not many people can visit. Instead, I […]

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Challenges of Being Gluten Free

being gluten free March 10, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

Each week we will be sharing a topic in the Gluten-Free Living section of our site. It is our hope that by suggesting a topic to discuss, as a gluten-free community, we can share our thoughts and feelings about being gluten free. To kick off our new initiative, we are starting with the following question: […]

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Gluten Dude: A Bulldog with a Soft Side

Thumbnail image for Gluten Dude: A Bulldog with a Soft Side March 1, 2014 Websites

Gluten Dude blog is a must-read site for anyone with Celiac, gluten sensitivity, or individuals trying to gain a better understanding of the life and dietary restrictions of those affected by gluten. Gluten Dude gives you the naked truth about life without gluten–without holding anything back. Gluten Dude is the guy you want standing behind […]

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Gluten-Free Kitchen Essential: Sharpies

Thumbnail image for Gluten-Free Kitchen Essential: Sharpies February 27, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

A gluten-free kitchen essential that is such a seemingly insignificant product, but ideal for easy and inexpensive tagging of kitchen items is the Sharpie pen. For a family who must have two tubs of butter, separate peanut butter containers, as well as many other segregated items, a Sharpie is the perfect solution to have on […]

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Middleton Inn: A Wonderful Getaway

Thumbnail image for Middleton Inn: A Wonderful Getaway February 21, 2014 Travel

Middleton Inn is a wonderful getaway in Washington, Virginia. I found the inn to be even more special because of the level of gluten-free accommodations made. Typically a B&B or Inn, with breakfast highlighted as part of the experience, is not the best option for gluten-free travelers. I find I am often accosted in the […]

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Gluten-Free Restaurant Tips: Be Prepared

Thumbnail image for Gluten-Free Restaurant Tips: Be Prepared February 4, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

The best restaurants can accommodate all gluten-free needs, but they are often the most expensive. Gluten-free restaurant tips, therefore, help with everyday dining needs. There are lots of ideas on how to best be accommodated when eating out. Today’s tip is a simple one that continues to make a big impact on my dining experiences. […]

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How to Dine Out Gluten-Free

Thumbnail image for How to Dine Out Gluten-Free January 1, 2014 Gluten-Free Living

How to dine out gluten-free doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. Here are a few tips on how to make dining out gluten-free a more enjoyable experience. It is important to understand it is not the sole responsibility of a restaurant to provide a positive gluten-free dining experience for people with Celiac or gluten […]

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